Ethics & Rules

Ethics & Rules

The club has had a codified set of rules for many years and they inevitably mutate at AGMs

to reflect the changing requirements of the membership. The current version is Club Rules 2010

All members are expected to adhere to a code of ethics for the well being of dogs and puppies.

It forms a part of each membership application.




To keep them well exercised and in good health and endeavour to further promote the image of the breed and its equable temperament.

2. Officers and Committee members of the Club should always be ready to do their best to help members with any queries or problems.

3. Advertising by members must be factual. Members should refrain from making unfair or untrue statements about the dogs or practice of others.

4. It should be impressed upon buyers that they should contact the breeder in the event of any problems with the puppy. Breeders should make every effort to be of assistance in these circumstances.

5. Each purchaser of an Irish Wolfhound puppy should be provided at the time of sale, with a pedigree, diet sheet and information about training, worming and inoculations.

6. Before breeding a litter consideration should be given to type, temperament, health and soundness. Aggressive dogs are not satisfactory as pets or breeding stock.

7. All breeding should be aimed at the improvement of the breed. Members should do all in their power to discourage breeding from clearly inferior specimens.

8. No member should breed a litter unless he has time and facilities to devote proper care and attention to the rearing of the puppies and the well being of the dam. No member should provide stud services unless satisfied that the owner of the bitch has such time and facilities available. Members should allow their males to be used only if certain that both dog and bitch have something to offer towards the improvement of the breed, not just for stud fees. They should be prepared to assist in finding suitable homes for the puppies.

9. No member should breed a litter unless he is reasonably sure of finding homes for the puppies. No puppies should leave the breeder before the age of eight weeks at least. No bitch should be bred until physically mature.

10. No puppies should be sold to dealers, pet shops, laboratories, security firms or as security guard dogs or to persons known to sell puppies to any of the above. Nor should stud services be provided to such persons. Knowledge of such sales should be reported to the committee. It is recommended that no puppies should be sold to areas overseas that do not have similar standards of animal welfare to our own. If in doubt, check with the Club.

11. Prospective buyers of puppies should be screened for suitability and should be advised of the characteristics of the Irish Wolfhound as a breed. The breeder should encourage the prospective owners to feed the puppy correctly and endeavour to monitor its progress and encourage the owner to keep in touch with the breeder, who should be prepared to take back any hound whose home may no longer be able to cope or to contact the Club’s Rescue Service.

12. Members should only sell animals, which to the best of their knowledge are in good health at the time of the sale.

13. Breeders should only sell directly to permanent homes. Members should not buy puppies from other breeders for re-sale or assist in sales in any other way for financial gain. This exempts stud fee puppies.

14. All members are encouraged to test for liver shunt before sale.