Historical Magazines

The IWCI has been publishing yearly magazines since the early 1970s. There have been a few years missed out and a number more that have been incorporated into the magazine of the following year. It is difficult to read through these magazines without some sort of a reference so we have generated an index of the various articles and shows. This is an ongoing process and not every magazine has yet been scanned and thus not every magazine has had its contents entered into the index. Conversely as we add further magazines to the archive the number of entries in the index will grow.

Indexes are very subjective and the present one is only attempting to list the articles. The generalised headings are open to change and it might be an advantage to readers to incorporate say an author’s index. If you have any comments or suggestions please make them in the guestbook so that we can gather the various opinions.

The page references in the index are of the form 1234-56 which represents page 56 in the magazine published in 1234. We have not linked the index directly to the magazines as reading multiple entries in one magazine year tends to promote multiple down loads of the same issue. So if there is an entry in the index which you wish to read please download (as a pdf) the appropriate magazine. By saving it on your computer you will be able to refer to other articles of that year when you wish without a further download.

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