As the breed country of origin and holder of the breed standard the Irish Wolfhound Club of Ireland aim to set the benchmark when it comes to the welfare and health of our great ancient and noble breed.

Much discussion has taken place among the committee of the IWCI with regards to the many different types of approach been taken at a national and global level regarding Irish Wolfhound Health.  While all of these efforts are well intended there seems to be a tendency to become fixated with one or two specific conditions.

It is extremely important that we don’t suffer from tunnel vision and focus on the overall health of the Irish Wolfhound, while at all times being vigilant and reporting any new emerging health issues.

What we seek as Breed country of origin Mother Club

Annual Health Check to be undertaken by Registered Veterinary Practitioner in the jurisdiction where the owner is resident.  Health Check must be certified for all hounds intended for breeding.

Visual and Clinical assessment of Wolfhound. All visual abnormalities to be noted such as ;


Heart & Lungs 

Liver Shunt 

Mega oesophagus 


 Bloat / Torsion


Additional Notes


This piece of work aligns itself with the IKC decision to become a member of the International Partnership for Dogs, joining the Kennel Club’s of Norway, Sweden, Germany, France, UK and the Orthopaedic Foundation for Animals (USA) and the Agria Animal Insurance-Swedish Kennel Club Research Fund.  The FCI are patrons of the International Partnership for Dogs.